When It Happens, It Happens….Mexico

When It Happens, It Happens….Mexico

That’s life here.  When whatever I’m waiting on to happen….. when it happens, it happens…….Mexico.

It can be frustrating at times but after a while, you begin to fit in.  At least a little, maybe.

I’m not sure what service is exempt because I haven’t experienced the exemption if there is one.  And in some instances, it’s not that bad and is comparable to some experiences in the States.

I could be in a grocery line or maybe at Walmart (the U.S. has it good when going to Walmart and waiting in line), or restaurant, and even the small mom and pop stores, there’s going to be some sort of slow down and waiting period for services.

I lost my internet service recently.  I did a chat session with the internet provider and was provided with a work order number.  They told me it would be done within 3 days.  Not like in the states where they give you a choice of days and a choice of what hours to expect the serviceman.  On the third day, I opened up another chat to check on the status since I had spoken with a worker near my condo.  Well, the work order I had……they said it didn’t exist so I had to re-explain my problem then I was given another work order number and told stay home a worker will be there in the next 3 days.

Late the next day my internet was back up and running, the next morning it was down again but thankfully later that day connectivity was re-established…..finally.

Good gosh!!

Here’s another one…..

Throughout the country, all the electrical meters are being upgraded.  I had read about the problems tenants were experiencing with outrageous electric bills.  I didn’t have a clue as to how bad they were until I got mine.  Now, normally we get our electric bill every two months and it’s put next to the meter and our maintenance guy brings them to each condo.  My highest bill for any 2 month period was $15…..the lowest was $5.25.  Electricity costs aren’t bad if you conservative.  There’s a 3 tier system; low charge, moderate charge, and excessive charge. Once you hit that excessive bill you now pay a higher rate than the other 2, I’m on the lowest.

Oh, one thing I almost forgot to say is that if the bill for ANY reason doesn’t get to me (an animal pulls the papers, whatever) that I’m responsible to have gone to the office and retrieve a bill and pay it.  There are no mailboxes for the condos……

So I went to the CFE office in Playa del Carmen for my bill. The bill for the past 2 months is $553!!!!  From $15 to $553!!!

This is no simple deed, even though it appears simple…..

We showed them all our previous bills and they recognized the problem but we would have to go to the Tulum office to have it taken care of.  The drive to Tulum from where I was at is a one and one-half hour drive.  Upon arrival it’s closed, I must return tomorrow.

It’s tomorrow and we’ve returned to the office……we are first. Cool.  The clerk looks over the bills and sees the problem, puts in a work order to have the meter pulled and recalibrated.  It will be done within 10 working days and the electricity will not be turned off!  Yeah!!!

On the 10th day, we revisited the office having not heard from anyone…….  The clerk pointed at the screen and it was still pending, it hadn’t been done yet.  I was assured that the electricity would not be turned off.

I’m taking an afternoon siesta with the fan blowing and it stops!  It’s 3pm. and CFE has turned off my electricity.  No one to talk to!!  I’m stuck without electricity for the weekend and I’ve recruited a friend of mine here to accompany me on Monday morning.

First thing Monday morning……we’re at the CFE office and my friend Roger is talking with the office manager, she can’t turn the electricity back on and assured us that the work order would be executed no later than Tuesday…….and that we are to stay there to be available for the worker.  Don’t know why, but okay.

I’m writing this on Friday morning and this still isn’t taken care of……..

This is my favorite one….

The laundromat.  There’s a laundromat nearby that does an excellent job, it’s not expensive, and the clothes are folded and packed in a plastic bag!  Really cool, neat, and a nice freshness to boot.

The ladies call me Jhon Louis (that’s not misspelled, that’s how they write my name down here!)……the ladies like Jhon Louis……oh!!  Back to the matter at hand.

So, I drop my clothes off, they weight and write me a ticket telling me when the clothes will be ready.


I show a little later than that tell me and the ladies are folding another customer’s laundry and the tell me to wait a moment.  And proceed to go back to folding the other customer’s clothes.  I look around, I’m the only one THERE!!!!  And they just encourage me to wait.  No.  I’ll come back and I get a puzzled look.  When I come back……they are ready to wait on me.

I adjust.  I go down to a bar and drink beer!  They know me there too…….Jhon Louis.

When It Happens, It Happens….Mexico.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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