I Can’t Believe I Did This, What’s Next!

I Can’t Believe I Did This, What’s Next!

That’s right!  Even though I’ve experienced this, I can’t believe I did it!  Which brings up the question.  What’s next?

One year in Mexico!  Am I fucking NUTS!!!  Mexico!!!

I’m a little awed at this moment!

The alternative, I’m thinking, would be that I still had my house in St. Petersburg, Florida and working my early hour schedule.  And not be happy.

I think I made a good choice.

  Crossed the border at Laredo, Texas and didn’t look back.  It was the easiest and simplest thing I could’ve done!  I wasn’t stopped, they just waved me thru!

In the year being here, I’ve really had some unique experiences.  Far too many to list here.

I do remember the experience of coming into Mexico and seeing all the flat land and huge buildings on those parcels of land and thinking that’s where the U.S. companies come for cheap labor!  It’s unbelievable!  There are not too many people that are unemployed from what I can tell.  If they want a job, a job can be gotten even if it’s just sweeping the streets!  For true!  They get assigned to an area to keep clean and sweep the streets.  For probably $8.00 for the whole days work.  You read that right.

Here’s my first experience with being scared……

I’m driving down to Monterrey.  The road was a good road so that wasn’t much of a problem.  Ferderal Police stopping me one time was a tad bit scary though.  I just put in Monterrey for my iPhone GPS and kept going.

Now, here comes the problem.  There was no loop around Monterrey (Monterrey is BIG!)…..and the GPS kept leading me which I thought was cool until the moment of arrival.  I had arrived by GPS smack dab in the middle of Monterrey with narrow streets and narrow walkways.  Getting out of that and finding a Holiday Inn was purely luck.  I like luck.

Here’s my second scare……

Okay,  there were a few other scares before this one but I think I wrote about them previously.  After passing thru Tampico it was to Veracruz and that’s where I got a bit panic-stricken.  In Veracruz,  I completely lost all wifi and GPS!!  I was driving totally blind!  Oh, look, there’s a Walmart.  I had to pay to park at the Walmart in Veracruz.  Turns out there are lots of shops and tourist stuff in the area with spotty parking available.  No mapa in the Walmart.  I just found a hotel and got help from the front desk in the morning.  I made it out okay.

All the while on my trip I’m realizing that I had a deadline to start my application for Temporary Residency. So, I probably was carrying an unnecessary concern as I would begin the process in less than two weeks.

I visited the beautiful colonial city of Merida after driving along the coast of the Bay of Campeche…..spectacular.  The architecture in Merida was something truly out of the past.  Even visiting a small shopping square downtown the modern architecture seems to have been mandated that it would blend with the past.  It was truly like walking into the past.

From there to Cancun there wasn’t much to see but once arriving in Puerto Morelos the blue Caribbean told me I was home.  This was October 1, 2016.  Made my first Mexican friends there too…..Diego, Diego II, Karla, Jorge, and the lovely and seemingly shy Marianela.

My scares are over it’s fun, fun, fun……

Life was great and getting better.

I found that the cost of housing to be very broad……cheap to ultraexpensive.  Living on the west side of Highway 307 is cheap and the east side is moderate to expensive!

My, I want to be as close to the water as I can afford.  And I found a nice quaint little condo about a 10-minute walk to the Caribbean.  Rent, water, utilities, cable, and internet cost me less than just my mortgage payment on my house in St. Petersburg, Florida!  That is good!  Real good!!

All up and down the Caribbean coast of Mexico (The Riviera Maya) I made myself familiar.  Every Mayan ruin and beach bar I could drive to……I got to know it.  The most stunning being Puerto Maroma between Puerto Morelos and Cancun.  Pricey place.    This places rocks.  But, it’s like being in the U.S., it’s pricey.

Then there’s Mahahual.  A touch and taste of real Mexico on the Caribbean…..look. 

Bacalar……   Rumor is that parts of the 1st “Pirates of The Caribbean” were filmed here.  The odd thing is there were no souvenir shops with any pirate paraphernalia in them.  There was mostly younger people here backpacking thru…..   An interesting place.

Here are just a few pics of ruins Chetumal, Muyil and Tulum.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve done what I’ve done.  I didn’t include the travel out of the country as I’ve got them in an ensuing blog…….I pinch myself.  Living out doing something that as a child reading thru National Geographic being curious and wanting to visit some of these places.

I’ve met some wonderful Mexican and Mayan people here.  I visited with them in their homes and ate their home-cooked meals.  In some cases, they knew no English and I was with limited Espanol with poor hearing. We made it work together and had a really fun time. 

There’s so much more…….and more will come.


Peace, love, and beaches,


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