The Best So Far……Part One

The Best So Far……

I’ve been browsing thru my memories from over the past year and analyzing what I’ve liked the most to what I’ve liked the least.  Just one of those down times that allows me to revisit in my mind and pictures that places I’ve been over the past year.  It is a year! I Crossed the border on September 28th.  WOW!

Now I’m involved with my Mexican Residency renewal……good times keep coming.

At times it seems the stay has just flown by with some intermittent times that didn’t seem so fast.

Some things and places were just spectacular while some others not so spectacular. And that’s what I’ve got here.  I’m not taking in all the places I’ve awakened to, just the highlights.

The trip actually started in Key West Florida and took us thru all of Florida and on to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas before finally hitting the border of Mexico at Laredo, Texas.  I actually collected the dirt of 5 U.S states and 7 Mexican states on my car!  Silly or lazy…..I say unique.

Remember this is the third best so far!

Let’s get started!

Coming in 3rd on my list of places is Puerto Rico.  First of all my heart breaks for the people of Puerto Rico, with the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  I look at the pictures that I snapped when I was there a few months ago and the photos in the press after Hurricane Maria and it’s just so hard to believe!

Arecibo Observatory

The highlights were the Arecibo Observatory located about in the north-central portion of the country.    It’s located up in the mountains…..a driving experience I’ll not forget.  (It is beyond my understanding as to the number of bars and restaurants up those mountains!)  From the parking lot on the left, you have to walk up a very steep inclined.  I had to stop for breaks!

Leaving Arecibo Observatory I just had to make a coastal drive.  Not what I expected but it was unique.  I was just like small subdivisions of small cities found in the United States.  Here the houses were on like a small cliff with the (in this case) Atlantic Ocean in the backyard.

There was the City of Ponce about directly south of San Juan on the southern coast.  I liked that place a lot!  The biggest challenge (as it was for the whole trip) was to find a place for breakfast.  All the local restaurants weren’t open for breakfast!  I had to settle on Denny’s.  All the other mornings I waited until lunch to eat!

This is the third best so far…….the food keeps it from reaching higher.

There was some really unique areas in Ponce.  In one particular area the sand was black/gray!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a sample.  Lots of old worn down buildings along with walls of artful graffiti.  Really cool.

Just north of the City of Ponce is the Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center.  The land was an orchard for mangos (I believe it was mangos?) and after a hurricane crossed Puerto Rico and flooded the land, the revelation of a time and people forgotten was revealed. It’s not the largest or best information site I’ve visited but I loved it’s uniqueness.

Island life….

From there it was thru the southeast coastal low land driving northward to the cliffs of Fajardo.  Why Fajardo?  There’s tow islands off the coast that grabbed our attention!  That’s reason enough.  Vieques and Culebra islands are the only two inhabited islands surrounding nearby Puerto Rico….but with thick jungles and pristine beaches teeming with exotic wildlife.

This was a bummer though……it rained almost constantly during the two day stay.  So no visit to Vieques and Culebra this trip.  Just another reason to return.

Finishing up my visit to Puerto Rico was touring the world famous Bacardi Distillery!  6 shots of Bacardi Rum later I was buying the most expensive bottle available.  Saving it for special occasions.

So far, I’m on schedule to return around May of 2018 to take care of some unfinished business and engage in a bit of island hopping!

Stay tuned…..up next the second best so far.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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