The Best So Far…….Part 2

The Best So Far…….Part 2

Second installment of my three part series visits where I live.

I can distinctly remember being at my desk in my house in St. Petersburg, Florida rifling through potential adventures looking for a place to retire to out of the United States and focusing in on Mexico.  The dollar was real strong at that time down here, now not so much but still a good value.

Mexico would be the closest of my choices and it’s healthcare was very affordable and comparable to that of America.  A lot of the physician’s are educated in the United States…..and English is widely spoken here (so widely spoken that I’ve barely improved my Espanol!).

So, Mexico it is……

The idea is to find a place, settle down and explore.  It was the edge of the upcoming tourist season and looking around for a place was a bit intense.  I had a few options that I picked up on and worked thru but, I had brought too much stuff down here to be mobile. That was one of my problems.

Another of my problems was one I wouldn’t have a clue of for about 8 months.

I have a tendency to get out and about a lot……I mean A LOT!!  So, I get to see and experience things a lot quicker than most people.  Meaning this……in far less than 8 months I had visited 90 % of the places I’d wanted to visit in the Riviera Maya….(that’s the Caribbean coast of Mexico).

I signed an annual lease.

The only thing I haven’t done here is the tourist parks and I ain’t gonna do that!  By the way it seems that one of the most popular foods here is ‘pizza’…..thin crust pizza.  I think second is hamburger.

The Best So Far…….Part 2

The sights that really intrigue me here are the   natural stuff like the jungle, the sea, and the Mayan ruins.  Many a day I’d just go off walking thru the jungle areas

…..hindsight I was either very brave or just down right ignorant!  But it did make for a great experience.  

I loved walking thru the pueblos (the villages) and taking pictures.  Most people were friendly and gladly pose and smile for the camera.  Even though we had a language barrier, it was our smiles that spoke the loudest and were understood.

I had the opportunity to visit families in these villages and eat with them, spending hours just enjoying their company and way of life.  Family is very big and strong in the villages…..

Walking where primitive tribes lived and carried on their daily lives has me in awe, I have a reverence for the opportunities    This is on Cozumel, San Gervasio.


Muyil….  This last pic is on the east edge of the ruins

leading to Muyil Lagoon   Spectacular!!  Most definitely worth the walk thru the jungle.

Oxtankah near Chetumal at the Mexico/Belize border   Now, the path in the first picture wasn’t there during the time that this village was so richly vibrant.  The state has made the walking a bit more comfortable.

I think I’m missing a ruin or two….but they are just remarkable!  This is where the Mayan’s lived, worked, and the children played.  No MacDonald’s!

I’ll have to revisit Oxtankah with a lot of information later on……it’s near Chetumal Bay leading to the Caribbean……

This is just the State of Quintana Roo!!!

Let’s not forget the Caribbean Sea…   Just a few…….

This is where my good friend Isaac (pronounced Esack) lives with his adorable family….Isaac also preaches at his local church.  This man has a perpetual smile on his face…….

Yeah, there’s a lot more to Mexico than I’m showing here…….you’ll be seeing more of mountains and villages and the west coast later on.

Starting my way back to the U.S. for some holiday time with family and a trip to Europe.  I had planned an island hopping trip thru the Caribbean for summer 2018 but two hurricanes put that on the shelf so it’ll be on to Cozumel and then exploring the mountains, inland and west coast.

Coming up next is my number one visit so far!

Thanks for visiting with me.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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