I’ve Learned A Lesson

I’ve Learned A Lesson

I say I’ve learned a lesson, and that is true.  A real lesson isn’t an obvious lesson.  Obvious lesson I believe are accompanied by a lot of drama, because one didn’t pay attention to the not so obvious lesson and there they sit, screwed!  Sounds plausible, at least that’s been my experience.

My lesson comes with traveling and I’m paying attention of my latest lesson.  I really thought I had it right, but, I guess there’s always something that’s unforeseen that is tuck away in all the adventure.

Preferably, I wouldn’t have to deal with this really minor problem, but it teaches me a valuable lesson for the future.  It actually is helping me in making my future travel plans.  It’s one of those things that I just don’t see, I thought I’d read enough, knew enough, and had planned very well.

My bad.

And!!!  It’s not like I didn’t have the answer before hand!  I could have avoided this problem and its subsequent lesson.  Only, I didn’t see it as a problem.

And get this!!  I’ve experienced a certain element of this problem from the moment I crossed the border.

Makes me wish I could see into the future.  Not for everything, that would take away the fun of the adventure…..but on certain things.  But, I have a feeling that the gift of being able to see into the future is not a selective gift.  What I’ve just done is talked myself out of being able to see into the future.  It might seem to be a neat gift, but I can see where it would become a bore and people would run from me eventually worse than they do now!  Hehehehehehe

I’ve Learned A Lesson

From the very beginning of crossing the border.  It was like life had been moving along at this brisk pace and then the brakes are slammed after crossing the border.  Even my driving was slower and more conservative, especially with the experience of driving thru Monterrey.  I honestly never want to drive there again in my life.  That’s a story for another day.

The pace is relaxing, but it does not have any regard for others.  In line at the grocery everyone is oblivious to the cashier except for the customer they are waiting on, the bagger, the clerk behind them, the clerk across from them, and the friend that walks up to tell them that the dog is barking too loud at home and they need to take care of that…so they grab their cell phone and call another neighbor to help with the problem while time stands still.

This permeates thru daily life here.

Here’s where my lesson comes in.  Just a little longer, I promise I won’t do as the cashier.

Initially, filing for my residency here in Mexico was rather long winded….taking about 6 weeks of visits (mostly my fault).

I had read how simple the renewal would be and that, appeared to be the way it was proceeding.  There’s even a website that explains how simple it will be……the problem with that article is it is 7 years old.  The rules change frequently and quickly (seems that’s the only thing that is quick).

So, I’m told to start 30 days in advance, no sooner.  I’m there, I’ve got my eggs in a row (yes, I have eggs, and I have rows), it’s smooth sailing.  The clerk takes my old residency card and hands me a receipt for it that is good for the duration of the process (meaning I’m in Mexico legally).

I’ve Learned A Lesson

Next step is to wait for an email for the next step.  This was on 28th of August.  On Friday October 10th I got that next step email!

I guess they had to help the cashier at the grocery store with the barking dog.

OH!!!  My lesson.  Don’t file for residency in any country I visit.  I can stay for 180 days, leave for 3 days and return for another 180 days.  Keeping it simple.

Loving it in paradise……laid back in the Caribbean!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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