My Apple Experience South of The Border

My Apple Experience South of The Border

There’s a lot of things I didn’t expect in Mexico.  One of the major unexpected things was having my Macbook Air and Macbook Pro die!  Yes, die!  No power.  Apple!

I visited the Apple website, looked thru the support and tried all the options for getting them up and running… good.  I visited youtube and followed the instructions to open them and do some internal tricks……no good.

Worst case scenario, wait until I make it back to the states and take it in to an Apple Store.

Oh wait!!

I’ll find as Apple Store here in Mexico.  I’m a genius!!  It took about a month for that brilliant idea to pop in my head.

Why didn’t I think of that before?

So the search is on for an Apple Store. rendered 0 results.  Google rendered 0 results.  Everything redirects to the U.S. website.

BUT!!!  I did find a repair site!  GREAT!

Previously on one of my walks I had seen an iPhone store in the mall on 5th Avenue and there was a service department in there…..I had thought at the time to drop in and inquire but, it seemed at my glance just to be selling iPhones.

Fastforward to last week.  I’m doing another search for Apple repair sites in Playa del Carmen (it’s where I’m hanging out while I’m waiting on immigration).  I found a repair store in the mall on 5th Avenue!  WOW!

My Apple Experience South of The Border

Turns out to be they are one and the same!  It just got better!  I was in the neighborhood and decided to stick my head in and make an appointment.  As I’m walking thru the store, it’s called “iShop” I notice the iPhones, iWatches, iPads, iMacs, Macbooks……shazam!  It’s an Apple Store.  Just on a smaller scale than in the U.S.!

I’m happy.

The staff even greets you like walking into an Apple Store, the staff is even dressed like in an Apple Store.  The only difference is the shirts have iShop on them!

This is gonna be a good experience.  You see I’m using a Dell laptop from the prehistoric age and it is sllllllooooow, but it is getting the job down.  Sometimes it takes a few restarts, actually I can’t use the restart, I have to completely shut it down and wait a few minutes before starting.  If I just do the restart, the whatchamacallit wheel just keeps turning and turning…..once it just turned for 3 full days.  And this is a good experience because the tech clerk spoke English!!  Right in front of my eyes he got my Macbook Air up and running and on the internet.  But, I’m a bit skeptical and explain to him why.  So, I left it for a diagnostic testing along with the Macbook Pro, which he couldn’t get to start.

My Apple Experience South of The Border

We communicate over the next 24 hours via email.  Both are diagnosed, presenting me with the problems and the fix along with the cost of course.  The diagnostics for each computer is $499 pesos, that’s about $26 in U.S. currency.

The problems with the computers not starting is simple.  There seems to be some internal corrosion.  And here’s the reason why:  No, not the plate, the moisture on the plate.  This is my leftover french fry plate from the night before.  The water is from the grains of salt that absorbed the humidity in the air!  This same humidity is what has clogged up both Macbooks!

Never would have thought that I’d have this sort of problem with my computer!!

The Macbook Air with the wifi problem did have to have the card replace…..took two days longer.

So, now I have to figure out how to deal with this humidity problem!  You would be surprised at how quickly mold grows on things!

 This is a picture of the dehumidifier.  Look at the image of the package to the left with 10x, at the green band on the image is the amount of water that is in the container that has been collected in the past several days.

Fortunately the bottles of vitamins have those absorb packets in them and I place them with my camera and other electrical equipment that I have with me……I hope they are helping.

The hole for the headphones on my iPhone is rusted!!

Never would have thunk that humidity would be a problem other than breathing.

Live from paradise………living large in the Caribbean!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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