Me And Twitter………Twitter?

Me And Twitter………Twitter?

Twitter has to be my biggest challenge.  Well, perhaps Pinterest but, I like Twitter.  I think.  But, I don’t think it likes me.

I don’t know how long I’ve been on Twitter, I did go thru a long pause period but came back with a bright smile and a good attitude.  But, I still think that it doesn’t like me.

I’m not angry with Twitter…….I’m liking it even more now that it allows 280 characters instead of the 140 character limit.  Less editing now, and it makes it so much easier to use.

I’ve really no beef.  Well, maybe a slight one.  And I think it’s just the nature of the beast.

My approach has been totally organic.  Maybe that’s my problem.  But, I like being original and use only my pictures, but I will do a retweet now and then and perhaps I should do that more often.

But here’s where I don’t get it.  Somebody decides to follow me and I decide to follow them back (sometimes I shouldn’t but, I’m just trying to be friendly), all is good.  Let’s just say, I now have 10 followers.  I get some new followers the next day 3, and the next 5….  I’m doing fairly well, 18 followers except when I look at the followers total I’ve got 13 followers!!  WTF!!

That hurts my feelings!

One day, I decide to look at who I’m following and see if they are still following me……and I find the 5 that dropped me, unfollowed me.  So, I unfollow them.  There!!  Take that you lousy #@$&*@!

It dawned on me a short time later that they were just looking for followers, not to follow.  Build up their numbers sort of thing.

Me And Twitter………

I just felt so used!!!  Not ‘bring me to tears’ used, but I did feel used.

So, as I grew my numbers I’d always check back thru.  I’ve learned how to do this rather efficiently but there will come a time (hopefully) that I won’t be able to do that search and better yet, I won’t care.

I did notice that usually, it’s the most recent that are culprits.  So that makes it rather easy to find those rascals.

But, I’m still like……what is it with me and Twitter?  I want to grow it organically, I’m up to almost 5,000 Tweets!  But my followers are languishing at 1,400 (maybe, I haven’t checked today).  I think I have some neat stuff to say and share.

Don’t tell me I need to do some sort of advertising!  I want to grow my followers organically……I want somewhat of an earnest interest in me and what I say, that’s what I look for with the folks I follow.

I’m up for any suggestions……but, I’m not gonna post pimples being squeezed!  Seriously that’s what some people post!  And yes they have more followers than me.

I’ll be back at it with this blog this morning!

Live from the Caribbean…….

Peace, love, and beaches,


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