Crash My Party, Riviera Maya Style

Crash My Party, Riviera Maya Style

Luke Bryan’s Crash My Party…..uh, Crash My Playa is doing it Riviera Maya Style!

Gotta be some FUN!!

Imagine, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Brett Young, Sam Hunt, Dustin Lynch, Maren Morris and more!!  Four packed nights of premier live entertainment!  And I’m gonna miss it.  I’ll miss it for two reasons.  First I’ll be out of the country during the festival, it’s scheduled for January 17 – 20, 2018 and secondly…’s too darn expensive!!

The packages for the resorts start at $1,675!  Don’t rush for your credit card…..that’s already SOLD OUT!  The next price point is $3,649 at Hard Rock Resort.  All other resorts are sold out and that’s at a higher price…..   This is a BIG Deal down here!

Here’s what the package entails:

  • 4 all-inclusive nights at The Hard Rock Hotel
    • You may also purchase the additional night of Tuesday, 1/16, availability permitting
  • Admission into the venue for each night of the show
  • Airport transportation to and from the hotel in exclusive Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa shuttles
  • Local transportation from the hotel to the venue
  • Exclusive Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa official merchandise gift

For me, this is senseless.  First off I don’t need a hotel room, and I don’t need airport transportation, local transportation (I have my own vehicle) and I don’t know what the official merchandise gift is but, I can buy a shirt if I want.

Crash My Party, Riviera Maya Style

All I want is a ticket!

But guess what????  I can’t buy a ticket, I can only buy a package of my choosing.

Big deal huh!  Well, it’s not just me and it’s not just the ‘Crash My Playa’ festival.  It was the same situation last year for Dave Matthews and the same for Santana!!

All I wanted was one ticket, maybe two!

What the reader may not realize is that there is a HUGE American and Canadian Expat population down here and we are omitted from the mix and the tix!

It’s not fare.  Why do I and a LARGE group of others have to be left out?  Why?

This festival is tied to 6 large resorts.  One that I know of is not an ‘all-inclusive’, so a meal ticket has to be added to the cost.

4 nights of GREAT entertainment and fun, and we are ALL left out.  It just doesn’t seem to be right.  I recall last year dealing with the same issue……I’m sure it will be the same next year.

Crash My Party, Riviera Maya Style

Here’s the thing.  A lot of financial risks are taken by the promotion company.  It’s not a simple issue.  And evidently, they are experienced enough to know how to handle such a large volume as attested to by the selling at the available price points.  One place went as high as $4500 per person.

If you are still thinking about coming for this event, if you book as a group of 4 at the Hard Rock, it’s $6,700 which drops the price per person to $1,675 (2 double beds!).

I might just say, that $1,675 for 4 nights at the Hard Rock Resort with the entertainment and the beauty of the Caribbean and the lush tropical surroundings is a good deal! (Oh, I’m not sure if the airfare is included, it doesn’t appear to be, just the airport transfer.)

I don’t need all this fancy shmancy stuff……I just need 2 tickets, and I shouldn’t have to pay for all the other stuff!  None of us that live down here should.

But, wait…..  If the promoters made a ticket sale available to us, it would hurt some of the local resorts, food service companies, laundry companies, staff and other ancillaries. And, the way things get set up is that the resorts are putting up a lot of comps for the promoters that the average person doesn’t see.

2 Tickets, I need 2 Tickets, please!

Live from my Caribbean paradise……

Peace, love, and beaches,


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