I’ve Finally Lost My Virginity To Reality TV

I’ve Finally Lost My Virginity To Reality TV

Reality TV is something that has never provided any attraction to me.  I’ve just not been interested in watching someone do what they want to do (I’m assuming it’s what they want to do)…….it’s just never interested me.

So, why now?

When I’m visiting others in their home, it’s their home, they do and should do what they normally do and I get to experience something different in life, something new.  And that’s not bad.

Throwing something different into the mix of life removes the redundancy and prevents boredom from creeping in.

Just a thought…….Does this mean that ‘porn’ is the original ‘reality tv’?

Okay, back to losing my virginity to reality tv.

I’m just back from Mexico, and by the way….it’s cold, I don’t like cold especially since I have no cold weather clothing.

Once again, back to losing my virginity to reality tv.

I’m visiting.  And there’s this humongous 4k tv that is on like 24/7.  It’s not my tv, so I don’t touch anything.  I believe in being respectful when visiting people.

I’m leaving out who I’m staying with and where I’m at to protect their privacy……that’s the way I would want it and that’s the way it should be.  Afterall, I’m a guest!

It’s a wonderfully comfortable house with a nice backyard in a quiet neighborhood.  So, it’s a relaxing time.  I like relaxing.  The only real pressure is what to eat!  There’s so much food here!  That’s a good thing.

Reality tv……

I just never quite got it.  No plot, no purpose (?), no actors…….what’s the big deal?

I’m finding out.

I’ve Finally Lost My Virginity To Reality TV

So far, I’ve been introduced to two reality tv shows.  I’d heard of them before but, I had never watched them before.

The first show I see is something to do with sharks but there are no sharks in it…..hold on one moment while I ask.

Shark Tank.

Yep, that it…..”Shark Tank”  I wanted to make sure so I did a search (all searches performed by me are done thru my favorite search site, ‘duckduckgo.com’, I’m not tracked there).

Shark Tank, the only celebrity I’m familiar with is Mark Cuban and that’s because he owns the professional basketball team the ‘Dallas Mavericks’.  Some of these names I think I should be capitalizing, but I’m too lazy right now.

Shark Tank is (I think) a show about an entrepreneur presenting his/her idea or product for the celebrities financial backing.  I’m thinking that this is a rerun as I’ve seen the commercials for this one, it some sort of bed warmer/cooler contraption.  They got into an argument over the entrepreneur’s price point $500.  The celebrities rejected him…..come to find out the show was from 2015 and as I said, there are commercials about the product on tv.

The other reality tv show is…….’Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s’.  That’s when I started writing my blog.  I can’t tell you anything about the show.  It’s still on, but I’m tuned out writing my blog.

So there you have it!  I lost my reality tv virginity.

I’m okay…..

From a cold place known as Texas…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


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