I Was Just Thinking……..

I Was Just Thinking……..

I think I may have said this before in some form or another but…….it just seems closer to home this today for some reason.

You see, I was just thinking about the rest of my life.  Well, maybe I haven’t covered this before.  But, I find this challenging.

Here’s the main premise of my challenge; not to repeat what I’ve done in the past.

Not repeating something I’ve done in the past doesn’t seem like it would much of a challenge but it is, and not just for me, I think that’s a challenge for all of us.

And this is why.

We’re creatures of habit, we tend to hold on to things we like, we seek security and to some extent, we like punishing ourselves with our past.

Which, I think I probably participate in all to some extent.

But right now, in another period of transition, I feel somewhat lost.

I’m just back from 15 months of bliss from the Caribbean coast of Mexico and I’m in Louisiana visiting family for the holidays.  Today will be my first of down days…..days that aren’t hustle and bustle or travel days (hustle and bustle of holidays start this weekend) so my mind has more time to think about the rest of my life.

But, that’s not what I want to do.  There’s no sense in wasting time wondering about the rest of my life, I need to just be living the rest of my life.  So, I’m sure there will be a mixture of both because there is something really occupying my attention which I’m getting to next.

I Was Just Thinking……..

You see, for the reality of my present situation…..I’m homeless.  I’m sure that our daughter Carrie would put me up and put up with me…….and then there’s our daughter Mandy in Texas and our son-in-law that apparently would love the company.  But, I’m thinking I want more in my life than to be just a house guest and at the same time, I’m not interested in making some investment that will demand my attention and tie-up my traveling money.

I can’t really buy anything for myself or own anything substantial that is physical.  I’ve got a nice SUV that I’m really not gonna be using!  I could sell it and have some extra cash.  But, Carrie is in need of an auto (her’s has almost seen it’s better days) so I’ll just let her use it.  Besides, after driving in Mexico I’m inclined to turn over my keys……get a chauffeur.  Sounds inviting.

So, here’s what’s got me to the “I Was Just Thinking……..” thing.

I’ve considered buying a condo back in St. Petersburg, Florida or perhaps a nice chunk of land with a lake outside Memphis, Tennessee and putting a manufactured home on it (go solar too!).  Then, on the other side of my brain my thinking is there’s this $1,770,000 home in the Florida Keys that I just love…….white sandy beach front (no, the hurricane situation doesn’t really bother me) but quite honestly I can’t afford the latter.  Maybe several acres here in South Louisiana put a manufactured home on it and raise some farm animals.

That’s when the “I Was Just Thinking……..” kicked in.  Do I put a limitation on my future thru my thoughts and settle for something less than what I truly want, or do I just remove any thought boundaries and make something exciting happen?

Another interesting part of life’s journey.

From the Bayou’s of South Louisiana (pictures soon).

Peace, love, and beaches,


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