On The Other Side of The Holidays

On The Other Side of The Holidays

What’s on the other side of the holidays?  Lots!!  Lots of good stuff!

I’ve come to the realization that not living my former life is totally a work in progress and that I can’t judge present by my past.

There’s a lot of freedom in that train of thought.  A lot of opportunities in that train of thought too!

I have a tendency to look for answers and if there aren’t any questions, I find questions…..so, I can find answers.

I’m trying to stop.

Decluttering! My mind.

People ask me, “what I’m doing?” or “what’s my intentions” and I can answer that very simply but my mind immediately seeks opportunities in my simple answer and this sort of confuses the people that I am talking with.

For instance, right now I’m attempting to write about what’s on the other side of my holidays, yet, I seem to be explaining and developing that simple scenario as I write.  That must stop.  There’s a time and place for the creativity, right now has to be just the basics of what’s next.

Usually, the holiday season being Christmas and New Year’s Day are a time I really get excited about, and not because it’s this ‘fresh start’ stuff that people focus on.  But rather for me, it’s about some new technology.  And that’s where I’m at in the next two weeks, technology and software stuff.  That gets me excited and I’ll be up before anyone else tackling the tasks at hand.  I’m anxious right now.

But, I’m looking beyond that right now.

On The Other Side of The Holidays

Heading back to Mexico is the first major thing to do after the holidays. I have to be back in Mexico around the 25th of January to finish up my registration process for my Mexican residency.  Right now, my mind is going thru the components of how and why to explain, but that isn’t necessary.  So, perhaps I’m getting a grip on this mental decluttering…….hehehehe.

Upon completion of the residency renewal, it’s back to the states to work on my CD with the goal of completion for mid to late spring.

I’ll follow that up with a train trip to Tucson, Arizona to take Keira and Max (grandkids) rock climbing and exploring a bit of the southwest.

Somewhere during the recording process of my CD, I’ll skip out to Nashville, Tennessee for a quick visit.  Listen to some music and reach inside for my final push on completing my CD.

Getting back from the Arizona trip I’ll take a bit of downtime to do some travel planning for a quickie back to Mexico and then heading to Europe for a few months or so……(probably gonna throw in a quickie to Egypt is U.S. relationship is good.)

Life is motion.

I’m trying to find creative ways to do the things I want to do……which is writing and traveling (throw in some photography too).  Keeping it as simple as I possibly can…..and that’s a challenge.

So, that’s what’s on the other side of my holidays.

First, it’s some Christmas parties and a lot of love,

Live from the bayou land……

Peace, love, and beaches,


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