Merry Christmas From South Louisiana!

Merry Christmas From South Louisiana!

I made it back from Mexico in time for Christmas and New Years!  And while it isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, it is good.  I’ve always tended to look for the positive in my situations in life and this is no different. Merry Christmas!

I grew up in this area, just a tad south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in a then small town of Plaquemine.

Back when I was growing up it was a bit like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry.  A very wholesome place to grow up as I’m sure many towns were back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Not today, but in a few days I’ll take you on a tour of Plaquemine, Louisiana and show you the highlights of what makes it a rather unique place.  I’m also over the next few weeks venture out to some other neat sights of South Louisiana.  It’ll be fun for me, rediscovering my home state…..hopefully you’ll be entertained, informed and possibly want to make a visit….you’re sure to enjoy. Great food, great people, and a great place.

But back to being here for Christmas.

Last year, Christmas was spent in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.  That was, first an unexpected stay and secondly a different atmosphere of Christmas.

It was different in a few ways.  Right after Halloween, I mean ‘right after’, the Christmas decorations and promotions come out in the stores!!  And instead of slowly building with intensity it peaks around our Thanksgiving time and then dissipates.

Merry Christmas From South Louisiana!

On Christmas Day, starting around 11 am, everyone is hustling off to work.  I guess that’s to accommodate the tourist that flock of the Caribbean coast of Mexico for its warm welcoming climate, tropical breeze and frozen concoctions as a laid-back affair.  But, the day comes off as a normal workday for most of the locals.  As that’s what it seemed to me.  At 10 am on Christmas morning I made my way over to the local grocer who wasn’t opened at that time, but would resume its regular service at 11 am!  I’m surrounded by people on the streets nearby hustling their way to work…….!  I’m amazed!  And no one is wishing anyone Feliz Navidad!!

But then, their celebration is very family oriented and not along the lines of American customs.  I didn’t have the opportunity to visit with anyone in their homes at this time of year.  There wasn’t corner lots with Christmas trees begging for a wintery home either!  Christmas music (American Christmas music) started right after our Thanksgiving and increased until Christmas day…..probably not much different there.

The oddest thing though was the lack of holiday greetings!!  Not one person through all the holiday season wished me Feliz Navidad!  But, I did and caught a paused response.  One of surprise on their part.  I probably should have inquired amongst my friends as to this oddity, but I’m sure to them, it wasn’t such an oddity.

But, I’m here, in the states for Christmas!  It to me, it seems more commercialized than it was before I spent just one Christmas abroad.  Don’t get me wrong……Christmas is a commercial event abroad, just not to the ‘extent’ it is here in the U.S.  So, getting here at this time is a tad of a culture shock!

I’ll get over it!

Merry Christmas From South Louisiana!

I’m here to see family and enjoy the holidays!

But, it’s awkward.  Everyone has their own thing happening.  And as before, there has to be one inlaw family member that wants Christmas to be just their side of the family for Christmas.

Gosh!  So disheartening!  And no, I don’t feel it should be just about my side of the family.  Afterall, I’m a bit to myself as it is.  I’m quite capable of enjoying my own company without the ‘need’ of anyone else.  I just decided that I’d be a little less selfish this year and spend the holiday with family.

I’m okay, though.  I’ll be back in Mexico in about 30 days, and travel back here for the completion of my CD, make a short train trip for the early summer and then on to Europe.

Who knows!  It may very well be my last Christmas in South Louisiana.

Pictures coming soon!  (Besides, there’s lots of updating I have to do on my website)

Live from the Crawfish Capital of The World!!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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