Things That I Want In Life

Things That I Want In Life

There are things that I want in life.  A lot of them.  Too many???  Is there such a thing as too many?

Yes.  If I wanted to have 20 things….things that would be important to me, that would be way too much.  Having too many things and not being able to have the opportunity to enjoy the quality of those things…..isn’t good.

Quite often, I fell like a kid in a candy store!  I want everything!!  And not just one of everything either, I want multiples!

But, that’s unrealistic!  I would never be able to enjoy all of them, not to mention it would be hazardous to my health!

And I think that being able to have everything in life that I want would be as equally bad for my life and my health.

The key is to explore and evaluate what it is that I want, what makes me happy and what brings out the best of me in life.  That’s not a bad project.  It takes a little patience (okay, a lot of patience in certain areas) but, that too is worth the while.

So, I’ve narrowed down my list of things I want in life considerably.  I realized through the process that eventually I could possibly expand my list, but a starting point is always best to be established.  It provides the foundation for all that follows.

I decided to keep my choices simple.  You’ll probably think and say, I need to dream bigger!!!  I do.  It’s just I’m looking at essential importance to my being.  Not just having stuff.

I realized that by accident too much and too many isn’t a good thing!  While eating Thanksgiving dinner I was a bit too hungry and a bit too anxious.

Things That I Want In Life

Here we go…

I want a ‘long healthy life’.  I actually want to outlive those that hate and despise me. Not necessarily as some sort of retaliatory revenge, but just to live and show that a healthy peaceful life is a good thing.  I’m sure we’ll meet on the other side of life.

I want to take at least one nap (siesta) a day.  I really would like more but I won’t be greedy.  Although I do think that partaking in things others don’t as a means of not wasting what’s not being used and taken advantage of.

So far my simple approach is tied together, one working with the other.

Live a peaceful and loving life.  Too much hate going around……that also has to do with the two things I previously mentioned.  Hate will eat a person alive, violence has its own reward.  Can I love everyone?  I don’t think so…..but, I do my best at first to make an earnest effort and accept people as they are, after all, we are all different.

I want to increase my intellect and understanding.  I’ve discovered a love for reading.  I particularly like to read biographies.  There’s so much that can be learned about my inner strength and potential from others.

Experiment!  I want to experiment more in my life!  Too often, too afraid……failures shouldn’t be something to fear but rather to learn from.  The more experiments, the more life is lived.  I can’t say that doing the same thing day in and day out for 94 to 120 years is living.

Too me, I see all that I’ve mentioned so far as related.  They feed off one another, they are integrated at some point.

Things That I Want In Life

Here’s something I discovered over the past 18 months or so, is that I like to write!  It’s not as difficult as I once thought.  And oddly, it was advice I would give out often to others.  Eventually, I realized that I was talking to myself.

Music.  I’ve always loved music.  I started learning to play guitar at a young age at the time that Elvis was around swiveling his hips and The Beatles invaded America.  I’m self-taught.  By ear.  I also can play piano, bass, a bit of drums and I seem to be able to figure out how to play parts with various other instruments like the mandolin.

And I also write music.  I’ve gotten better over the years.  I’ll continue because it serves me well and is good for my health.  There’s another tie-in.

What I’m still searching for is a method of exercise that doesn’t seem like a punishment.  I don’t think I’m asking for much.  This is a definite tie into the health thing.

Oh!!!!  Travel!!  I love the adventure!  Meeting new people, discovering new cultures (new to me), foods, architecture, etc.  This definitely adds depth and quality to life.

This may seem like a lot!  But, they are interrelated.  The effort and the time are varied and enjoyable.

This is important to me, I will do what’s important to me.

Live from the bayous of South Louisiana!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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