What’s On My Agenda Today???

What’s On My Agenda Today???

I’m not sure what’s on my agenda today.

Today is the first full day opportunity for me to get out and about without the temperature being in the 20’s (or close).  I’m thinking of a short trip somewhere to do a little photography project.  Yet, I’m not sure where!  There are so many places to visit and I haven’t taken the serious time to plan anything.

I’m thinking somewhere down one of the bayous…..or maybe around LSU in Baton Rouge, or maybe just a cemetery, or maybe just something old that catches my eye or some of the churches of the surrounding area or maybe a plantation, or maybe I’ll just drive and do a hodgepodge of whatever comes about and later make a project from those.

I’m not indecisive, am I??

Maybe a food excursion??  Nah, I weighed myself this morning and I’ve actually put on enough weight to start another person.

I could go bar hopping.  But, it’s not like being in St. Petersburg, Florida and hitting the beach bars…(gosh I miss that experience).  But, then, I weighed myself and well, I could do without a few brewskies.

Whatever I do, it’ll be posted here in pictures tomorrow.

Perhaps I’ll experiment with some different photo techiques, filters, angles and such.  I really need to do that.

I think I’m hitting on a good idea though.  I’m gonna do some bayou shooting.  That just seems like a good idea.  I also want to find some unique trees to shoot for a project.  I could incorporate that in todays photos.

I’m realizing this morning that I’m a bit out of kilter because I’m away from beaches for the first time in 20 plus years!!


 What’s On My Agenda Today???

Now, I am near a large body of water.  The mighty Mississippi River.  Less than 2 miles from where I’m staying……that’s another idea for pictures.

I’m working my way thru this……South Louisiana has a lot to offer in scenery, culture, cuisine, and people.  I’ll make this fun.  Put out the effort and make something special happen.

I’m already working on my plans for the Europe trip coming in September but I’m looking at heading out to Arizona in June and I still have trips to Memphis, Nashville, and St. Petersburg before then.

I want to do something different in these travels, not unlike my Mexico experience….I want to stay away from most of the tourist things, although I will have to take you on a trip to New Orleans.  Not much more touristy than that in Louisiana.

Today, I’m thinking Bayou Grosse Tete and Pierre Part.  I like both of these…..   Of course, I’ll be looking for some home cooked Cajun Cuisine, (yeah, I’m aware of the weight thing, but it’s home cooking! It’s Cajun! I’ll watch my portion) and maybe a beer at a small bar on the water.  But, lots of pics.

Tomorrow, I’ll try something a bit more direct and organized.

Live from South Louisiana (heading to the swamps!)…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


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