I’m Excited About My Future!

I’m Excited About My Future!

That’s right!  I’m excited about my future and I don’t even know what it is!

Well, I do to an extent because I’m building my future today…..  But the path, well I’m sure it’ll be filled with potholes of the unexpected.  I call that adventure.

As I’m changing, adjusting, and doing my thing……I get to moment by moment build not only my future but I get to build me.  Properly build me.

Rights and wrongs, good and bad aren’t the guideposts.  No, those tend to be built in prejudices.  I don’t want those.

So, when you observe something I’m doing and it’s out of your norm……remember that’s your norm and your prejudices.

Is everything to my liking……I’m not sure.  I have to be careful because my liking or disliking could stifle my journey.  Evaluate what’s is the basis of determining what standard do I use to determine right and wrong; good or bad……  For instance, I didn’t like some of the expenses of the Costa Rico trip….I can’t allow that to prevent me from taking another trip.  I’ll see about making better choices that will produce better financial outcomes. Simple.

The missteps are the adventure.  The results I’ll find to be of some degree of favorability……some being more favorable than others.  Nothing wrong with that.  I don’t want to eliminate the adventure!

Where’s the fun in knowing every little detail of what’s going to happen in my life?  I’d be bummed out if I knew when I’d die!  Not because of the death, but I believe that would steal a lot of excitement and abandonment that accompanies a life with adventure and expectation.

I’m Excited About My Future!

That’s fair.

There’s a confidence that comes with living moment to moment with adventure in mind.  I can’t do what someone else does.

Here’s the trigger.  Someone asking me if I had a home to go to.  Other than where I’m at right now the answer is ‘no’.  I found my answer exciting and invigorating!!  It’s not the answer that’s expected.  It is the truth.  Is there something wrong with my truth.  Not to me.  But to someone else (not the person that asked the question….) this situation would be plagued with problems!  I understand that too.  But, that’s not the way I’m looking at this……there’s basically no safety net.  Other than the pennies I have set aside.

When a negative thought crosses my mind.  I let it keep crossing all the way out the other side.  That is something beyond my control……and I can’t be concerned with what I can’t control.


This, my life, is different and from yours and you surely could come up with reason upon reason why I shouldn’t live this sort of nomadic life.  But, I like this.  When fear raises it’s ugly head we share a cupcake and I do what I want and fear can take a backseat to watch.  Sometimes it’s cheesecake and wine.

I’m Excited About My Future!

Bragadocious?  Perhaps.  But I’ve met fear on enough occasions to know that fear can’t hold up its end.  Fear is a great misuse of imagination.

You and I are made up no different.  I face the same issues that you do.  You too can tell your fear to take a backseat……go ahead.

So, what am I gonna do……  That my friend is to experience, and really for another blog or two.  The thing is as I’ve written before is that my life is so fluid!  Moment by moment changes.

Next is a temporary sabbatical from my travels to work on my CD and my writings.  There will be more to share here, and my looking backs and a more in-depth look at some of my travels.  But for now, until further notice, I’m here!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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