Beach Bars

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Welcome to my new edition to this site…  “Beach Bars”

Sloppy Joe


Another thing I like about beaches is Beach Bars!

This is a particularly favorite of mine. The original is in Key West.

Welcome To Sloppy Joe’s

On the corner of Duval and Greene in Key West. Legend has it that it was Earnest Hemingway’s favorite hang out…..there’s other stories and should you visit Hemingway’s house on Whitehead in Key West, you’ll pay witness to the latrine from the original bar. Also, all the cats there have 6 toes on each paw. For REAL!!!  I’ve witnessed it!

Anyway, back to the bar. There are 3 locations now. Key West, Daytona, and St. Petersburg (Treasure Island to be exact.)

It lacks the ruggedness of the original but is still a good place, good food, great service, and ice cold beer. Plenty of novelty drinks and unique presentations. You can get a Margarita in a fish bowl with ‘Sloppy Joe’s’ on the bowl…’s cool and a killer beverage.

Since this ‘Sloppy Joe’ is adjacent to a hotel on the beach and surrounded by hotels you’ll meet folks from all over the world while sipping your favorite beverage at the bar or dining at the table. Plenty of outdoor seating too!!

There’s TV screens all throughout the place along with outdoors for continued viewing of your favorite sports teams or games….

But it’s the workers, the atmosphere and patrons that make this a FAB place to visit. If you get the chance… it!

Peace, Love, and Beaches, and Beach Bars,


Come back soon for another great Beach Bar!

Here’s a Key West Sunset for ya via Mallory Square!