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Sloppy Joe’s

Sloppy Joe’s is famously known as being Ernest Hemingway’s hang out.  The actual place of ownership is about a half block away.

While there visit Ernest Hemingway’s home.  It’s a great tour house 2 story colonial home with ceiling to floor windows, all the cats have 6 toes (no lie!), and when you walk out the house to the patio there’s the original latrine from Sloppy’s Joe’s bar.  A great conversation piece. Hehehehehe

This is a very busy and sometimes rowdy place!!  Never short on fun.  Live entertainment throughout the day showcasing some promising and upcoming talent.img_1394

You can find Sloppy Joe’s located on the corner of  Duval and Greene not far from Mallory Square where it’s a eclectic gathering for the daily sunset in a carnival atmosphere that will be a forever lasting memory. img_1399   img_1398 img_1397

There are 2 other locations found in Florida and none of them poses the old Key West charm.  One is in Daytona Beach and the other is Treasure Island (aka St. Petersburg).

The location on Treasure Island is the other one that I’m well acquainted with as I lived there for 17 years.  Even though it doesn’t have the character of the original, it is a cool place.092094097 Outdoors or indoors it’s always a good time.

Friendly place to go, atmosphere oriented drinks, there’s a Fish Bowl Margarita here!!!  Good Gosh!!  Happy hour of course and you’re right on the beach.  Driving from St. Petersburg on Central Ave., right where it ends and a slight bit to the left.  Parking is directly across the street.  Nearby shops for souvenirs!

If you get the chance take in either one of the 3 and compare!  Have a BLAST!

Peace, love, and beaches,




The Mayan Riviera… new home.  It’s time I introduce you to this beautiful piece of the Caribbean and visit my old stomping grounds of the past periodically.  But, first a taste of Caribe!!


Puerto Morelos

img_1783 img_1789

A little fishing village on the Caribbean shore…’s not sleepy though as there’s an abundance of daytime and nighttime life.  A lively growing little village.img_1812 img_1811 img_1810

Living up to its nickname, “La Joya del Caribe” (Jewel of the Caribbean), Puerto Morelos has miraculously maintained its small town, laid back, bohemian vibe despite its geographical location and close proximity to rapidly expanding tourist cities along the same coastline.

img_1786 img_1782

Puerto Morelos is about half way between 2 tourist destinations; Cancun and Playa del Carmen….another Cozumel is offshore a short ferry ride from Playa del Carmen.

Surrounding this jewel of the Caribe is some American cuisine….McDonald’s, Burger King, Dominos, KFC ……along with Sam’s, Walmart and Costco for those who can’t do without!


There’s a charm here that you don’t want to miss and it’s the lovely people……a pace of life that is meant to enjoy.  Great food too!!

img_1791     img_1807

Easy on the eyes…..


She works hard for her money…..carries her baby with her to her office, the beach.  Daily there with her hand made jewelry, wears and gifts.  I bought a key chain.

Puerto Morelos…..worth the while.

Peace,love, and beaches,



Bahia Honda…..The Beach of the Keys.

Bahia Honda is a Florida State Park that sports remnants of Flagler’s railroad. The first ground transportation of the Keys.

DSC_0083 You can see the railway beneath the road way.

It’s about 35 miles from Key West which is rather convenient. Has a really nice beach on the gulf side…..   DSC_0052

the ocean side is nice too. Really shallow, clear, and good for wade fishing. It’s a real family oriented and clean place to enjoy.             DSC_0090

One of my favorite place to stop in the Keys. A relaxing slow pace with beautiful scenery and foliage. Yeah, there’s no bar here, but my liver enjoys the break.

Even though it’s tourist……it’s not that hustle and bustle of Duval Street.DSC_0107

DSC_0093 A trail where the railroad was leading thru foliage…really nice.

Snorkeling, shelling, sun bathing….there’s a nice gift shop there. I like those old pirate maps.

This island is 500 acres. Wifi included!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,





Venice Beach ……Shark tooth Capital of the world




This is Venice, Florida “Shark tooth Capital of the World”! Neat place to visit. Beautiful clear water as far as the eye can see….. There’s also a “Shark tooth Festival” each April. Now…..just because Venice is identified as the Shark tooth Capital doesn’t mean that the waters are shark infested. It seems a mystery to me. Is there like a shark dentist a bit off shore and the teeth wash up on the beaches? Do the shark come there to lose their teeth? Is it where the older shark migrate to, lose their teeth and get fitted with false teeth?

Venice is located a short drive south from Sarasota.

The streets downtown are lined with unique novelty stores, art, and souvineir shoppes…and let’s not forget  food!



There are 3 beaches that attract people to the area. Caspersen Beach which is the longest beach in Sarasota County (so I’m told, I haven’t walked it off myself, so I’ll believe what I’m told) This is where pre-historic shark teeth can be found. This is where the Shark Tooth Festival is held annually.  Then there’s Venice Municipal Beach (just drive right thru downtown due west and you’re there, an excellent place to find shark teeth (this is where I’ve found mine). Here the sand has a grayish tent as the teeth are no in the sharks mouth and nourishment isn’t provided to the tooth……it turns gray and black. I was surprised! The other beach a tad north of Venice is Nokomis Beach sugar white.

Two things I like….beaches and beach bars and there’s the neatest beach bar at Caspersen Beach…..It’s my thing, what can I say.

Go visit and have an absolutely FAB time.DSC_0063


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