Welcome to my yoga page!

Day 178 (with a few days/week off)

Yeah me!!!!   I’m finally back at my yoga full scale!  Even pushed a bit this morning.  Looks like I’m alright now.  My achiles tendon seems to be fine… just took a lot longer to heal than I expected.  So, I’ve made my way all the way to where I had left off.  Now I’ve got to get past that point which will take a lot of stretching and concentration because nest is on my agenda is the ‘shoulder stand’. Clearly I’m not ready.  But I’ll work my way there!  Glad to see ya check in on me!  Have a really FAB day out there~

Peace, love, and beaches,


I’m still into my yoga…..between traveling, company and an achilles injury I had to back off my brisk pace.  The achilles was the BIGGIE!  I’m actually using some yoga to help thru the healing process.  I’ll be back posting here shortly.  Maybe tomorrow.  This worked well for the rehab.  I had looked up some rehab exercises but they were a tad bit on the uncomfortable side and I felt I would make the injury worse.  So, the slower pace and gentle movements seem to have worked!  Great!!!

The “Supra Padangusthasana” is and apparently will be kicking my ass for quite a while.  I will not give up though!!  Lifting those legs straight up…..well, they’re not straight up yet, that’ll be a while. Straight up while flat on my back with my arms spread.  Everyone makes this yoga stuff look so simple!!  While it’s a killer, I do love it and feel its reward.

Day 91

The ‘saga’ continues.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to be sweating or quivering and feeling my muscles being demanded to stretch but I am!!  Today I engaged in the most demanding position; Supra Padangusthasana” Leg Raise into Maltese Cross.  WOW!  The demand on my muscles and concentration was way beyond anything I expected.

How come some of you make this stuff look so ‘easy’!!!!

I’ll be working my way thru this one for a while……I’ll move to some others but, this one I want to get perfect!

Day 90

Yes, it’s been 90 days since I started my yoga……   I’d fallen ill shortly after day 27 with the flu and that just sucked the life out of me.  Being in this warm climate seemed to exasperate the symptoms.  But then, I’m a guy and the flu is to me life or death!  But I resumed about 2 weeks later.  I retreated on some of the postures for a bit.  Then it was off to Costa Rico for 10 days…..10 days of no yoga!  How’s that for discipline.  Since I got back I started over, I made a short local trip and missed a few more days….but since then I’ve been putting forth as earnest effort.  I’m focused! Todays postures put me right about where I left off and tomorrow……I’m moving forward.

My last posture was Balasana (Child Pose).  I’m there today and onward tomorrow.

I notice that my overall posture has improved, my midsection is tighter and my balance has improved.   Not bad!

See ya tomorrow!

Day 27

I edging onward today. While I’m not completely satisfied with my posture and my breathing all of these exercises will be repeated daily so, I have plenty more opportunity to fine tune.  Today I reviewed all that I had previously done and decided, yeah I’ll forge on!

Today i took on the Bhujanasana (Transformation).  This is real simple since it’s only 2 moves to it other than paying attention to my posture and breathing. BUTTTTTTT…….it’s the second move that’s a challenge.  Only because it’s not something that I do with my body on an irregular bases much less a regular basis.  First part is laying flat with my hands upward to my shoulders by my side.  Then I lift my upper torso while leaving my private area on the mat. That was tough!

Next is the Balasana (Child Pose). Now this looks easy.  Sit with my arms resting on my thighs bending my legs under me with my feet bottoms facing up against my nice tush (my sexy little butt). From that position I bow forward  moving my arms from my legs to my side extending back to where my feet are (you know, where my tush is) and bowing my head to the floor.  Sound easy enough except my head ain’t touching the floor (my mat). I try, but it ain’t happening and I thinking……patience, there’s work to do here.  From there I lift myself slowly bracing myself slightly with my hands next to my knees still with my head bowed. I’m almost to the upright position I started.

That’s as far as I got today……I’m gonna work on that.  When I finished up I realized that as I’m concentrating on my breathing that it will become natural and it won’t be a task at some point in the near future.

There you have it!  Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Day 26

Not much different…..well not different at all except I just concentrated on my breathing.  Who would’ve thought that breathing would be such a big component?  Other than the obvious that is…..    But, being in an unfamiliar position and placing an unusual demand on your body coordination and breathing properly (keying in on the posture of that position), that’s a challenge.

Day 25

Yes, I’m still doing my Yoga.  In all I’ve missed 6 days….3 of those were in Cozumel.  I was hoping to do my yoga on the balcony but there wasn’t any room except for the table and chairs….and for some reason, I just blew it off!!  Silly!  Doing yoga isn’t like going to a gym or having to do some sort of exercises for me, I enjoy this.  It’s hard to explain.  Anyway, I’ve graduated to doing my Uddiyana Bandha (tummy tuck) and I feel that one, I also love that one.  I find myself doing it a various times of the day sometimes in a modified form. I’ve also managed Adhomukha Svanasana.  Contract, expand, and Balance.  That’s a challenge but with some concentration I’ve gotten close to where I want to be there, it’s my breathing (as it has been in everything) that is really the BIGGEST challenge.  I’ve mossied on to Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank) and I actually put my attention on the advanced version here. It’s something I can and should be able to do.  If I’m pleased with my breathing tomorrow, I move on to the next posture…..and find some new adventure.  Thanks for coming back and see ya tomorrow.

Day 4

Today is gonna be ‘challenging’!!!  Yoga and Diarrhea!!  New supplement doing a bit of work! Hehehe

Oh yeah!! I’m noticing a difference!  Just in these 3 previous days.  I can understand why people are transformed thru yoga!

Today…..I go past the basic and do 3 posses…..although the stretching is still a challenge to me. You see, I’m not perfect…..those muscles aren’t accustomed to be stretched in the manner so the range of motion isn’t like the pretty skinny girl.  I’m working on it!  I wanna make her proud of me.

I also took on a bit of self-control yesterday.  I did not heed the call of my bodies wants every time it glanced over at the tequila or told me I needed to walk to Latitude 20 for a couple cold beers……that the previous visit turned into 4 beers!!

Oooooops!  Back to my yoga.

So today I accomplished 3 positions.  And I’m really proud of myself in a few ways.  One is that I want to do these and my body isn’t overworked to discourage me!!  Yet, I can feel what the yoga is doing.

A quick word to anyone that’s a tad interested…….find you a book on yoga basics that you would be comfortable with and start.  A book over a video……  you won’t overdue it using the book.  I find it better suits my idea of pacing myself and getting it right.  Just me.

Back to my positions…. 1.) Trikonasna (triangle), legs apart properly positioned, arms stretched horizontal and flat, reaching to the back leg becoming vertical reaching as far up while I’m reaching as far down my leg keeping my core self disciplined forward and not rotating.  I didn’t know I’d understand this as I did.  It’s a challenge.  Inside doing it I can realize my potential, and I’ll also be able to enjoy watching my progress.  I’m excited!!!  2.) Virabhadrasana (warrior) legs apart much as with Trikonasna with arms stretched level and fingers pointing away and thumbs up and a gentle lung takes place in the direction of the forward pointing foot. Then the opposite direction after repositioning.  Only thing that’s missing is a spear!!  Finally Tadasana, (mountain) standing sort of at attention but in a relaxed way….conscious of my posture and breathing. Bringing myself back to my center.

Tomorrow ……yes there’s a tomorrow.  Looking forward to it .  A new challenge at hand.  I’ll be traveling…..actually that starts today!

Peace, love, and beaches,


Day 3

I was hoping that my experience today would lead to a bit of a funny experience.  But, it didn’t turn out that way.  I’m sure there will be many other times to split my side laughing although if you could picture in my mind me with my legs spread past my shoulder length and doing a bit of a squat…..hehehehehe.  I was clothed so, keep it that way!

I took a little more time in preparation of my stretching exercises to plan my yoga for this morning.  You see, the stretching is phenomenal…..but, I’m anxious to start a deeper experience but I have to harness the anxiousness to enjoy the benefits of my yoga experience.

That’s where my preparatory focus was at this morning.

As I worked my way thru my stretching, I was more aware of how my body was reacting and my breathing.  My observations really became part of the experience.  Knowing that I was getting a maximum benefit.

So, more became of today as I started my basics on my positions!!!


Understanding the position and purpose was the easy part.  And once again it looked easier than the actual experience.

I did it!  I felt rewarded in 2 ways.  First that I did what I set out to do and secondly, I felt the reward of completing the position.

I know……this is slow, but I’m getting what I want and more from doing this….

Tomorrow I will accelerate my position education while not losing sight of my purpose.  Getting a good understanding on the stretching aspect allows me to dive in to the positions with more confidence.  It’s just taking me a few days of learning.

Stay tuned and thanks!

Exciting stuff is on my way!  Who knows!  Maybe you will start and those who already are yogaists (I just made that up) will have some positive input for me!

Peace, love, and beaches,


Day 2

Yes there is a day 2.  LOL!!!!

My focus is on building a foundation.  I doing the same thing I did on day one…..but I’m exploring my awareness as I’m stretching places that seem to have never known they could stretch!!!  I’m also paying attention to my breathing!

Breathing is a challenge.  The stretching isn’t complicated, but it’s new and I’m conscious of doing it correctly ……and breathing properly.  HELL!!!  I was out of breath!

So, I’m challenged with the stretching position and the breathing.  This looks easier than it is!!!  What did I get myself in to!!  Time will tell.  I’m enjoying this….I realize I have to be patient with myself as a build a foundation to move forward.

I believe tomorrow will bring something new!

Have a FAB day all!

Peace, love, and beaches,


Day 1

I am ultra new to this.  Although I’ve been interested, I’ve never partook in any classes.  I think I tried like a ‘lotus’ position 1 time and declared to my self-embarrassment, this isn’t for me.

I no longer feel that way.  This is an area I want to eventually fully explore and today 1/16/17 marks the dawning of my new adventure.

So here’s what’s going on:

I first realized that the floor is much further down there than I had first thought…..but I did make it safely.  Today was learning a few stretching exercises.  This stuff is new to me….I’d have never thought looking at pictures or videos that these stretching exercises would be so challenging.  But, one in particular kicked my ass!!

‘immediately’ felt what was happening to my body.  I didn’t know what to expect, I guess I just thought it would be like going thru the motions.  No, the motions were challenging……(and I’m not referring to the motion of declining to the floor, although that was a challenge.

During the stretching I sensed that my body wanted this…..  The difficulty in the stretching was an important part because it was so obvious to my body and my mind!  And I felt rewarded.

It didn’t take long for my body limitations to raise it’s ugly obvious head.  Yet, I found favor in this discovery. No way will I see that as my ultimate limitation.

Taking time to do this I don’t believe will be much of a problem and my traveling shouldn’t impede my new lifestyle choice.

This is a progress!


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